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Uncertain Men

2019 / Fiction Feature / 45mins

This anthology film contains three stories from three directors, each following a different man living in Neukölln, Berlin, who is forced to confront some aspect of his masculinity.

RUDI – Written & Directed by Brian Andrew Hose:
Over the course of a night out in Berlin, an encounter with an old friend – and the unexpected romantic feelings which come out of it – makes Rudi reevaluate his lifestyle and relationship.

Written & Directed by
Brian Andrew Hose
Moath Al-Azzeh
Maurice Amann

Sabrina Rücker

Director of Photography
Pedro B. Oribe

Athanasios Karanikolas

Robert F. Martin
Stefan Mogel
Hannah Prasse
Leon Benzerari
Matthias Ludwig
Ibrahim Owais
Artemis Chalkidou
Nelson Opoku
Ehab Eissa
Thorsten Kavur

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