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Carlas Wohnzimmer

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English Title: Carla’s Living Room

2019 / Documentary / 35mins

Video Exhibition, Schwules Museum Berlin
Part of the exhibition “TransTrans: Transatlantic Transgender Histories” on display from Oct 2019–March 2020

How has our view of gender changed since the early twentieth century? This film aims to explore contemporary perspectives through interviews with trans and non-binary people living in Berlin today, in which protagonists reflect on the past and connect to their lived experiences.

Featured in:
Schwules Museum Berlin

Oska Melina Borcherding, Nora Eckert, Cameron Eridan, Sanni Est, Frederik Olek Jurr, Elba Uwe Marlaine Mädger, Veronika Pavlišin, Nova B. Phoenix, Nadja Schallenberg, Anouk Schmitz, Marty Stemme

Annette F. Timm, Sabrina Rücker & Brian Andrew Hose

Production, Interviews, Camera, Sound, Editing:
Sabrina Rücker & Brian Andrew Hose


Set Design:
Christina Chelaru

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